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The shiinoki trees in my neighborhood that I've seen since I was little,

The time has come to cut it.

Before I knew it, I had grown up

unless that time comes

I seldom gazed at it.

If the owner can use it for something

​He gave me some big logs.

When I cut it, it was a cross section I had never seen before, with a color like yellow honey.

polish it well,

Let's make something useful for someone's life.

Looking at it from the log, it's even more difficult to throw away the pieces.

Around this time, I began to think specifically about how to use the fragments.

​ These plates are made from shiinoki.

​Various flat plates




Sales: Home atelier, NEUTRAL Kanazawa store

There are various sizes.

​Varies by store, so please check with each store.


Unnoticed and untouched by anyone,

Things that quietly disappear

how many can you collect

How many small beautiful pieces can you meet?

Trees felled for our convenience

only necessary parts are cut

After that, it will be "thrown away".

I can't stand it

I saved the scraps of the lumber myself.

The fate of the fragments in front of me

was in my hands

will it return to earth


just a little more

Will you show the world your beauty?

This series was born with that in mind.

Start with the earrings and earrings.

Round shape: ¥2100 + tax

Other forms: ¥1800 + tax

​ Permanent sales: NEUTRAL Kanazawa store, CITA hair works, home atelier ​


chocolate with coffee

Biscuits with tea

A small plate with a diameter of 9 cm.

Material: Japanese zelkova, etc.

​ Painting: Lacquer

Price: ¥4200 + tax

Permanent sales:  NEUTRAL Kanazawa store  (to shop page)

​     home atelier

serving board

serving board

A flat and heavy serving board.

Top with bread, cheese, etc.

I think it would be cute to put a few small ceramic bowls for appetizers on top.

Each one has a different type and size of wood, so I would like you to actually see them and choose your favorite.

Price ¥5000~¥10000

Materials Zelkova, chestnuts, etc.

​ Finish: Wax (Butcher Block Conditioner)

Exhibition sales: Exhibitions, etc.


Salad bowl/cereal bowl

A cereal bowl with a gentle touch

Fruit, granola, yogurt.

Pack your favorite things and have a fresh time!

Materials: cherry, horse chestnut, zelkova, etc.

Finish: urethane wax

Size: Diameter 11.5cm Height 7.5cm

​Price: ¥3800 + consumption tax

Permanent sales: *NEUTRAL 

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

*Yellow fish

Tomigaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

There are no plans for exhibition sales.

Please understand that in the case of sold out

For shop information, please visit the SHOP page


pink white

It is a cup made with spring in mind.

Two colors of pink and white.

With spring-like sake that reminds us of cherry blossoms and peach blossoms,

Would you like to go out for cherry blossom viewing?

​ Material: Mainly zelkova

Finish: Lacquer


​ Permanent sales: NEUTRAL Kanazawa store

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       home atelier


Fragmented shape

​This series is a complete turnaround from wild fragments.

Things that stir people's sensibilities, such as plants and antique furniture,

Get inspired by things that inspire you

Added design.

same as kakera

The trees swaying near my ears make me feel

long history and distant land,

a world you've never seen

imagining such things

I hope you can enjoy your daily life together.

Material: Various

Finish: beeswax

Price: Wakka ¥4200 + consumption tax

Other ¥5600+tax


home atelier

Events, exhibitions, etc.


kakera accessories

pin brooch

Kakera series pin brooch

put it on a hat

put it in a bag

stole, clothes

various cloth

Decorate it naturally.

Fragment series that eliminates the intention of modeling as much as possible

I feel like I can get closer to nature and the forest.

Finish: beeswax

Price: ¥1800 + consumption tax

Handling NEUTRAL

​   home atelier

red and white plate

"Hare" and "Ke"


"Red and white" has been deeply in the hearts of Japanese people since ancient times.


Red and white means “hare” and has been used as a lucky charm since ancient times.


Two red and white wooden plates cut from a single tree with the same root.


It is carefully made one by one by the hands of craftsmen.


The celebration of "Hare" is used on the day of "Ke" (daily life).


It is a wooden vessel whose taste oozes out over time.


How about giving it as a gift to someone you care about on an important day?

Contact us

To Rootive Inc.

red and white plate set



Rootive Inc.

TEL: 076-255-0101

Fax: 076-255-0102

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